Writing the Rollercoaster Workshops

Writing the Rollercoaster Workshops


The idea of writing your story can be daunting. Where to start? Where to stop? How much to put in? What to leave out? It’s enough to make you step away from the keyboard for good. But help is on the way!

In co-operation with the Burlington Public Library, we’ll be offering three free writing workshops, two for adults and one for children 8 – 13.  We’ll also post videos with writing tips and tricks, so check back often so see what’s new at Writing the Rollercoaster.

Adult Writing Workshops 
Thursday February 18, 2021
Afternoon 2:00 – 3:30
Evening 7:00  – 8:30  

Writing the Rollercoaster  
In this workshop, Lynda Simmons will share the building blocks of Creative Non-Fiction to help you write a story that is both factual and engaging. Registration opens soon. Check back for the link, or visit https://www.bpl.on.ca/events

Children’s Writing Workshop – Parents welcome
Thursday February 11, 2021
After school,  4:00 – 5:30 p.m.  

For children 9-13 Writing your true story
Make us laugh, make us cry–Sylvia McNicoll helps you to write about your personal ride on the roller coaster of Covid. She will help you find the brightest diamond of that ride, polish it using your five senses, and give it a strong backbone. Did you get a puppy or miss a friend? Was it warm and fluffy or an icy hollow in your heart. Maybe you will discover your own takeaway through the writing of it. Or maybe you’ll just feel better for getting it out of your head. Share with the world by submitting your finished piece to Writing the Rollercoaster. Registration opens soon. Check back here for the link or visit https://www.bpl.on.ca/events