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Publishing Updates!

July 8, 2021

The design stage is almost complete. Next stop, the printers. We’re looking at a pub date of late August or early September.

Hoping to hold a live launch, so think happy thoughts for that and check back again for updates.



May 3, 2021.

I am delighted to say that we received the avalanche of submissions that I had hoped for. But that does mean a lot of reading, consideration and editing. We have almost reached the end of the selection process and are busy editing now. You will receive an email from either Sylvia or Lynda by May 15, 2021 if your story or poem will be included in the collection.

Because printers, designers and everyone involved in the publishing process have all been affected by the pandemic, the publication date will be pushed out to late June or early July.

Updates will be posted as we move forward.

Thank you again for your interest and support of the this project. It is truly appreciated.




Who is Bluefoot Press?  Bluefoot is a small Canadian publisher located in Burlington, Ontario.  

Is Bluefoot publishing Writing the Rollercoaster?   Yes, and is proud to be part of the project. Like the bird of the same name, Bluefoot prefers to keep a low profile, so all information about the book, including release updates, final pub-date, launch information and links to the e-book, will be found here on the Writing the Rollercoaster website.

How many books will be printed? 250 – 300 copies of the book will be printed. The authors of the stories that appear in the final collection will receive 2 copies each. The rest will be distributed to various locations throughout the city where they will be available free of charge.  

Will there be an e-book? Yes. A PDF version of the book will be available for download on this website for one year. 

What about copyright? You absolutely retain the rights to your story. Bluefoot will ask for first rights only for the printed book, and one year for the electronic copy. 

Where will I be able to find a copy of the book?  There will be distribution sites all over the city. The details will be posted on the website closer to the release date of the book. 

Are the books free? Absolutely, with love from Writing the Rollercoaster, Bluefoot Press and the City of Burlington.