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About Us


Lynda SimmonsWriting the Rollercoaster is the brainchild of Lynda Simmons, a Burlington business owner, teacher and author with a long list of novels, serialized novellas and novelettes published by Penguin, Kensington, Quebecor and more. As a writing instructor at Sheridan College and Ryerson University for over twenty years, Lynda is always proud to be invited to the book launches of novels that took shape and blossomed in her classrooms. In addition, she has conducted writing workshops and appeared on author panels at libraries and writing events across the province and regularly takes part in Peer Review panels for the Writers Union. 

With Writing the Rollercoaster, she hopes to use her experience in both publishing and teaching to give something lasting to the people of Burlington, the city she has called home for over thirty years.  To find out more about Lynda and her work, visit www.lyndasimmons.com


sylvia mcnicollSylvia McNicoll has written over 35 internationally published novels for young audiences. She has given writing workshops and talks across Canada as well as in South Korea for Canada’s 150th anniversary spotlight at the Seoul International Book Fair and Colombia for a book tour of Venganza contra las moscas/Revenge on the Fly

All set right here in Burlington, her 2017-19 Great Mistake Mystery Series  (Dundurn Press) includes The Best Mistake Mystery, The Artsy Mistake Mystery,The Snake Mystery and The Diamond Mistake Mystery. The series features an anxious 12 year-old who rides his own roller coaster of emotions by counting and analyzing mistakes while walking dogs and solving mysteries. These stories have recently been translated and published in Russia. 

Soon to be released in South Korea but also set in Burlington, Body Swap (Dundurn Press),winner of the 2019 Hamilton fiction award, features a 15 year-old and an 82 year-old who meet at a roller coaster in the afterlife. 

Sylvia is an experienced arts educator, judge and selector of stories for Canadian Children’s Book Centre, CANSCAIP, as well as Arthur Ellis and many libraries and schools. For more about Sylvia, visit her website at www.sylviamcnicoll.com

Strange New World
A flu named The Covid invaded
Round the world it was thoroughly hated
Changing theatre and sports
Holidays at resorts
And the ways that we met and we dated

by Lynda Simmons